Hello, I'm Jessica 🙌🏻

A UX Designer with an industrial design background.
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I am passionate about creating user-centered technology products and have experience in VR and AR technology combined with special education, APP & web and medical product design.
In terms of design thinking, I am an agile and meticulous thinker and executor, also good at thinking from different perspectives to come up with more effective solutions.
Curiosity makes me a better designer!
In addition to work, I like to go to river tracing and hiking at various places with friends, as well as reading books and watching all kinds of videos and series. I always get a lot of inspiration from these!

My Values

Always Learning

I always put myself in a position for growth, which allows me to keep a more positive mindset and enjoy learning in this ever-changing industry.

Be Open-Minded

A mentor told me "don't look at the world through your own eyes". This mindset guided me to think more about the user's various situations & problems.

Passionate about everything

Not just work, but I always put my energy into everything I love, make things more meaningful, and cherish every moment.

🎓 Education

2021 - Present
Google UX Design Specializaion
2018 - 2021
Taipei, Taiwan
M.A. Innovation and Design, Department of Industrial Design
National Taipei University of Technology
2014 - 2018
Tainan, Taiwan
B.A. Creative Product Design
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

💻 Experience

Taipei university of technology
Taipei University of Technology, Ergonomic Design & Tech Lab | Taipei, Taiwan
Researcher & UX Designer | Sep 2018 - Jul 2021
Dedicated to using VR & AR technologies in special education to enhance the social skills of children with autism. During this time, I conducted stakeholder interviews, fieldworks, design workshops, field exchanges with people in clinics, and end-to-end VR and AR game design.
Mitac technology
MiTAC Information Technology | Taipei, Taiwan
Design  & Planning Intern | Jul 2018 - Aug 2018
Design team and I were involved in the company's visual design strategy and redesigned the flow chart and wireframe of the company's website and the overall information architecture.
STUST, Design Innovation and Simulation Lab | Tainan, Taiwan
Research Assistant | Sep 2015 - Jul 2018
At DISL, my team and I focused on medical technology product design and work with professionals in different fields to actually help our users. Products include custom smart prosthetics, AR rehabilitation games, asthma detection devices for children ...... and more.

🎯 Achievements

Honorable Mention Award
2021 | 1th User Interface Design Challenge | Taiwan
Silver Award & Best Interaction Design of the Year Award
2019 | 10th User Experience Design (UXD) Award | Worldwide
2018 | Red Dot Concept Design Award | Worldwide
First Place - Industrial Design Group
2018 | College Project production Competition | Taiwan
Silver Award
2018 | YODEX - Academia and Industry Collaboration (新一代設計展產學合作大獎)| Taiwan
Top 20
2018 | “From IP to IPO“ Program (FITI) (科技部創新創業激勵計畫)| Taiwan
💡 If you want to know more award experiences and details, please check out my Linkedin.

👀 Events

Taipei, Taiwan
Interactive product exchange with YuNing Psychiatry Clinic
Introducing VR products developed for autistic children to doctor and psychologist.
A paper presented at the HCI International Conference
Participate in an online virtual conference to introduce the intervention strategies of AR technology for children with autism.
Taipei, Taiwan
This is a creative education competition for high school students in Taiwan, where I was the one of team manager and co-organized the event with the team.
Taipei, Taiwan
Staff of the International Industrial Technology Trend Seminar
Responsible for the planning and management of seminars.
Taipei, Taiwan
Personally presented my graduation work to the President
Our work was exhibited at the YODEX and we personally introduced our custom prosthetic product and AR rehabilitation game to the President.

What am I doing outside of work?

In addition books and movies, I enjoy outdoor activities with friends, such as swimming, river tracking, surfing and hiking. In 2020, I fell in love with river tracking. It is a challenging sport that requires teams to help each other and observe the surrounding terrain during the journey. Along the way, I always get a lot of beautiful scenery and enjoy greetings to strangers, which is one of the ways I get inspired!
River tracking with friendsRiver tracking with friendsRiver tracking with friendssurfing with friendsRiver tracking with friendshanging out with friendsRiver tracking with friendsRiver tracking with friendssurfing at Yilan

Let's Talk Together ! 💬

If you have any ideas want to talk about, don't hesitate to send me a message :)

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